Dubai Skyline Above The Clouds

Dubai Skyline Above The Clouds pictures. Dubai in the sky: Vertigo-inducing photos show Dubai’s glittering skyscrapers ‘floating’ in the fog.

Dubai Skyline Above The Clouds

We all know that Dubai is special, the name now recalls an exotic and extravagant getaway in which luxury is at the highest level, literally. We`ve been surprised many times when we`ve seen it on foot and the next level seems to be above the clouds, around 800 feet at the level 85.Dubai Skyline Above The Clouds

These breathtaking photos have been realized by Sebastian Opitz around 4 p.m. in the Princess Tower in Dubai at 1.358-foot-tall (414 m). The pictures are special because this phenomenon happens four five times a year and it stays around for a few hours sadly.Dubai Skyline Above The Clouds

A lot of effort and time has been spent to paint these breathtaking images in our imagination, the world is different up there and it`s Dubai, no other city would probably be so colorful illuminated, no other city would host the tallest building in the world between the skies so beautifully.Dubai Skyline Above The CloudsDubai Skyline Above The CloudsDubai Skyline Above The Clouds

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