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  1. I dated this person (allows call him up Blue) for 3 savreel weeks lacking annually.. We split up almost two savreel weeks ago, and he’s already in another relationship, we’re still buddies though.Signs and symptoms:He still makes me raceI dream of him every eveningI consider him (involuntarily) every single dayEven when it can make me sad, I usually want to speak toOrabout himLast evening was the very first evening he wasn’t within my dream whatsoever.. After which today he will get his phone back and texts us a lot, he explained in regards to a dream he’d about me I figured I had been sooo near to recovering from him.I occupy myself along with other things, but I’m not drawn to other people. And rebound will make me feel worse, I understand I am youthful and do not know stuff, but how do you overcome him (without forcing myself to hate him)?And I am (privately) insanely jealous. I am holding plenty of feelings, which i express frequently (thank heavens).. How lengthy does it take these strong feelings (about everything) to subside?And when he texted me, my feelings came fleeting back

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